church on sunday

May 27, 2012

What I have collected at Church on Sunday while taking time out from the noise of life.

The centurion in the Bible was what we would call the ordinary man in the street. Why did Jesus commend him as having great faith? He understood authority. He knew that the shield of faith to protect him came from a principle of submission to authority. The devil works in those who are disobedient. What to do with the disobedient? Trust God to train them in another mans house. Joseph was trained in another mans house along with Abraham, Joshua and Jesus. As we submit to authority we shield ourselves with faith. (Read the story for yourself in Matthew 8:5-13)

Vivian Schwartfeger is husband to Kerry and father to Jordan, Isabelle and Abigail. His passions include the Bible, photography and spending time talking with friends and family.

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