pohangina valley

June 1, 2012

About 8:30 a.m.
The occasional drip of condensation from the novalite roof onto the verandah. A bird’s feet as it patters across the roof; a dull thump as corrugated iron expands in the morning sun and strains against the nails that fasten it to the rafters. A starling sings — perhaps the same bird that ran in short bursts across the roof. The quiet, continuous sigh of the laptop’s fan , interspersed with intermittent disc activity. I brew tea.

Shortly before nine:
The squeal as the gate next door opens; the crunch of boots on the gravel driveway. The dogs go ape. Soon after, a moment’s pounding of pads on the verandah, the dull scratch of blunt claws. The idiot pup — gifted the energy of its spaniel father as compensation for its peanut-sized brain — barks at god-knows-what. For all I know, it hears its own voice and thinks it’s someone else so barks back. A few minutes later Trev’s yelling. The spaniel appears to have vanished — searching for a brain, perhaps? Like son, like father.

Ten o’clock:
A plane crosses the sky, a magpie warbles. The dogs, back in their kennels, have gone quiet, resigned to another day of boredom broken only by the possibility of the cat sauntering from the hay shed to the house. When he does, he takes his time, sometimes stopping to wash his face where he’s most obvious to the ballistic dogs.

I brew more tea, feel the warmth.

Pete lives in the Pohangina Valley, on the edge of the Ruahine range in Aotearoa/New Zealand’s North Island. His primary blog, Pohanginapete, is about travelling, thinking, mountains and mountaineering, photography, Aotearoa-NZ, natural history, people, a wee bit of politics, life in general and a swag of other stuff. It has lots of photos, too. The Ruins of the Moment is Pete’s photoblog

2 thoughts on “pohangina valley

  1. Lydia

    Thank you for this beauty, Pete. The cat and I just let out sighs together, which indicates to me that she felt my body relax (she is on my lap) as I read your words.

    1. Pete

      Thanks Lydia. Relaxing, with a cat on your lap (not a lap cat, though; the connotations are wrong) — what a great weekend (in?)activity.


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