crouching among the clover

July 14, 2012


my husband is the runner in the family; i run, but only sort-of-run. my children seem to have inherited my husband’s love for running, and so it is with him that they run. on the weekend.

sometimes the three of them run together, sometimes the runs are split into father-son and father-daughter. it all depends on individual moods and who wants to go how far on a given saturday or sunday. me? i am the picker-upper…walking to the end of our road or driving to a pre-determined spot for a longer run.

and while i wait to pick up either or both children so that my husband can continue the rest of his run, i take a moment to crouch down into the grass and see what the world looks like from a clover’s point of view. i glimpse through a sea of tall grass and imagine that this is the view afforded to a fox or perhaps a rabbit.

there are mornings when i want to run with my husband and children. and perhaps there will be morning runs for the entire family in our future. but for now, it is a special activity in which my husband can engage with our children, a passion he can share with them, a discipline he can teach them. for that, i am so happy. i am thrilled to see them bonding over this time spent outdoors. thrilled to witness the enthusiasm, the togetherness.

and i’ll admit that if i am afforded an extra ten minutes to stand among the clover and the grasses by myself…well, for that i am quite happy as well.

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog and on instagram (@michelle_gd).

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