making bread

August 11, 2012

Jude’s Home made (and ground) Caraway and chia seed whole wheat raisin bread
I dried my wheat grains ready to grind into flour with my schnitzer pico grain mill (they need to have the pop sound when squashed with a knife to show they are dry enough to grind).
Prepared my yeast with 1 cup approx 100 deg water, 1 cup similar temperature milk, 2 tablespoons black strap molasses till it bubbled.
Then I added my freshly ground wheat flour, chia seeds, soaked raisins and a handful of caraway seeds to aid digestion.
Mixed it to a nice dough.
Raised it twice to double size (this can take up to an hour I’m told but i couldn’t wait that long!)
Then baked it at 160deg Celsius till it looked good.
Tested on my husband! He thinks it’s pretty good – I like it too.

I’ll make it with a different grain next time so I make sure my nutrition is always changing giving more chances of staying healthy from all those undiscovered vitamins and minerals God put in when he created them all.

Jude Woods lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with her husband, Warren.

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