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September 22, 2012

“The entire world has gone mad,” she tells me as she lies down on the spa table. Her hair wrapped in terry cloth, her velveteen brown blanket wrapped around her, feet elevated by sheepskin and cushioning. “I’m not watching the news anymore; there are too many psychos, killers. Is there anyone, anything, normal anymore?”

There is.. Thinks I.

The unmistakeable scent of grapefruit mingling with hot towels, sea salt and olive oil permeate the air. Soft jazz plays as white noise to drown out the street below. “Oh, I love coming here, I always feel so wonderful afterwards.”

That is an honour. Thinks I.

It’s really raining hard outside. Biblically so. She speaks to me of normalcy, gardening, XM radio and car accidents. She wants rose water for her skin, and do I know where she can find some? And have I ever tried craniosacral therapy? What about acupuncture? Or even a liver cleanse?

I hope you don’t miss THIS. Thinks I. The healing you seek is here and NOW.

The talk continued for over an hour until her treatment had come to its completion.
“These facials really fly by,” she observes.

They do? Thinks I.

This lovely woman served as a great lesson for me today. I must create the space to write a letter with a real pen- to grow something in my garden and nurture it to fruition. To sweep the floor bare. To gaze at a birds nest. To hear the music. The only madness I’ll choose to allow in is that which is entirely simple and beautiful. To BE, where I am at any given moment, fully.

My name is Gillian daSilva and I possess a solitary nature, though from time to time I relish filling up my cup with kindred connections. Consciously creating with each thought. Drawing in prosperity. I believe the healing of our worlds both inner and outer comes one deed, thought, and action at a time.

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2 thoughts on “conversations | perspectives

  1. Jude

    Nicely expressed. I wondered how hair dressers and spa therapists etc coped with the oddness of people who use their services! But we all get odd in the midst of our daily routines…


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