October 6, 2012

Richmond Park, London

Richmond Park is one of my favourite places to go in London. It’s big enough that even when it’s full, it’s not full, and above all, it’s quiet. It’s easy to find a spot where you can’t see or hear anyone. Bliss.

Plus, it’s only a few km’s from our house, and it’s a challenging, tho not too challenging, ride on my bike.

Want to make it easier?
Cut through the middle, or only do 2 laps.

Make it harder? Go around the other way, do it more times, or just go faster.

Lots of options depending on my mood and available time. It also has the added advantage of having to dodge the odd deer walking across the road. They don’t stop for traffic.

The last couple of weekends have been really fine and still, so I’ve been out in Richmond Park, enjoying the sun and getting some much needed quiet time on the bike.

Today, I came up with a possible “reward” for getting off my backside and going for a long ride: Frozen Yoghurt. Specifically, a FroYo Affogato.

FroYo Affogato

An Affogato is normally vanilla ice cream, with a shot of Espresso poured over the top. This is a modification of that: around 100ml of unflavoured frozen yoghurt, with a shot of iced Espresso over the top.

Why iced?
FroYo isn’t as firm as ice cream, so it melts quicker. It’s also quite tart, and it goes with the flavour of the espresso really well.

Nic Wise lives in London, but his heart is on the west coast beaches of New Zealand. He can usually be found writing apps for his iPhone, or taking photos on Instagram.

6 thoughts on “favourites

  1. pohanginapete

    Mmmm … that sounds — and looks — delicious.

    The possibility of solitude is essential for me; Richmond Park would be a lifesaver. The photograph on the left reminds me of some of the big river flats in the South Island high country: beech forest around the Lewis Pass, for example.

    1. *| Post author

      Nic: Yeah, it works really well. Some FroYo is better than others, but generally: yummy.

      I expect it on the LBL menu when we get back.


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