Lilliput and a wish list

October 13, 2012

I wish we all were little again.
I wish no one had ever told a lie.
I wish no one would be fat.
I wish there were no illnesses.
I wish pizza was healthy.
I wish we could only be hurt once.
I wish people knew how to love.
I wish we understood other animals..
(imagine having a conversation with a mosquito!)
I wish everything could heal with a kiss.
I wish we only died of old age.
I wish we could see our angels at dawn and dusk.
I wish we could listen to the songs of the Universe.
I wish to be loved like the air that we breath.

what do you wish the most?

Ana Eugénio is a 42 years old retired journalist, a blogger and a hobbyist photographer. She lives in Porto, Portugal with her family and a few cats.

facebook: ana.wonders
etsy: WonderDesign
flickr: earthwonders

3 thoughts on “Lilliput and a wish list

  1. Pete

    Love the perspective of that photograph. It also reminds me of a lawn I once had to mow far too often ;^)

    I’d love to have a conversation with a mosquito.

  2. leonie wise

    I sometimes wish I could be in two places at once. Or that travel to New Zealand wasn’t so far or so expensive. It’s hard sometimes being so far away from my family.


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