these are the things i want to remember

October 7, 2012

how this day started with coffee and home-made banana & chocolate muffins in bed. and how i got to visit the allotment with sas & ash, to pick berries and learn about bees. and how much it felt like i’d been let in to the inner sanctum. how my nails were stained blue and my arms & legs stung from all the nettles. how there was just enough berries to make four tiny jars of jam.

leonie wise thinks if she had a superpower it might just be laughter. she is the curator of weekends collected and lives in london, uk with her husband (though she will always call new zealand home). she is rather fond of travelling, reading, pop-up restaurants and a decent cup of espresso.

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4 thoughts on “these are the things i want to remember

  1. Marianne

    Gorgeous! Bees and berries in London – I’d like to be let into that inner sanctum too!

    PS: Nic has convinced me that despite the fact that I work most weekends, I can do a contribution about weekends at LBL. I think he’s hoping for photos of tequila! x


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