a soft side of texas

November 25, 2012

Most folks think of barbed wire, gun racks and dirt roads and dusty cowboys.
Well, there is plenty of all that…
but I experienced a softer side recently when I visited my home State of Texas

Since my recent move to Florida, I am a firm believer that what they say is true…” You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can never take Texas out of the girl”

~oh Texas, you still know how to hold on to me.~
I’ll be back soon.


Deb Taylor is finding her feet in Merritt Island, Florida these days on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Her passions include photography, vegetarian cooking, red wine sipping, beach combing, driving her sewing machine, bookmaking, art journaling and hosting womens art retreats.

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4 thoughts on “a soft side of texas

  1. Mo Taylor

    Oh dear friend, when you return HOME next…we will seek out the barbed wire, gun racks, dirt roads and dusty cowboys too!!!

    I love you and miss you and am counting the days until you are back and we can “pick up where we left off”!

    Your friend and secret retreat hostess ;-)!

  2. leonie

    i say the same about the country…. i live in the city, but i’m definitely a country girl {and looking forward to the day i return home and claim my space in the wilds}


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