November 4, 2012

Damon in the aeroplane
“Damon in the aeroplane”. Felt tip pen on paper. Solenne Taylor

When living by myself weekends need to be about soaking up some love in the presence of the people I care about. Sometimes this means a flight to make the most of the two days a weekend affords and to keep distant friends close.

The airport rush, checkin, delayed flights, are all small hassles when you know there are open arms and hearts and oh so much to catch up on.

On this particular weekend journey there was also some 4 year old joy at the end. Always so much bigger and interactive and connected than the time before. There is a very uncomplicated and warm feeling when let in by little people.

Damon Maria lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Toying with artistic pursuits in a desperate attempt to keep the rational and rigid at bay.

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