Dinner by Heston

December 16, 2012

Leonie and I work for ourselves, and as such, we don’t get a “work Christmas party”, so we make a point of going somewhere to celebrate the end of the year, especially if we have had a good one.

This year, we joined two foodie friends and went to Dinner by Heston. It’s a fusion of the modern cooking chemistry that Heston Blumenthal is famous for, with some very old recipes and combinations.

I’m a little squeamish around some of the ingredients – offal and sweetbreads especially – and I had to remind myself that if the menu says “veal sweetbreads”, I wasn’t going to be getting liver on a plate – it might be some flavour extracted from that, or as one ingredient complementing others.

I can’t say this is a typical weekend for us, but it was very enjoyable.

Here’s to another great year!

meat fruit at 'Dinner by Heston'

Meat fruit

savoury porridge with frogs legs at 'Dinner by Heston'

Savoury porridge with frogs legs

the table and the main courses at 'Dinner by Heston'

The table and main courses

Slow roasted pineapple and Tipsy pudding at 'Dinner by Heston'

Slow roasted pineapple and Tipsy pudding

Brown bread ice cream at 'Dinner by Heston'

Brown bread ice cream

Liquid nitrogen ice-cream made at the table at 'Dinner by Heston'

Liquid nitrogen ice-cream made at the table

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