the renovated bag

December 15, 2012

Can’t help myself really…I have these visions of the way things could be and it gives me joy to make things with my hands. I suppose it comes from school holidays as a child spent mastering the art of knitting, crocheting or making Fimo crafts with friends visiting up the street.

Snooping through a second hand shop one day, I discovered an old doctors bag that whispered to me it would love to live again hugging all my collected treasures of art materials I am saving for a weekend I am inspired to create a masterpiece.

We had a thoughtful conversation back and forth about the idea and I finally relented having been reminded that I loved to give new life and direction to things that had lost their way.

You’ll love me – you’ll see …. It said to me.

So I believed and we left together, me protesting that I really wasn’t sure I could do it justice since I was so busy and it saying “you’ll see!”

We lived together a long time till one day a thought came to me that i had renovated a cushion on my couch and perhaps the same person could renovate my new (old) bag… No, not possible for me he said… another acquaintance ? who mentioned he had a colourising business that renovated leather in cars – I wondered if he might be able to bring new life to old? Yes! I’d love to give it a try he said and so off my bag went with a new friend… whispering in his ear!

Quite a conversation they must have had as when they arrived back my bag had been to the spa and look marvelously refreshed! An offer of left over material from a recently renovated couch was also made and accepted, I’m sure part of my bags doing whose old lining was beautiful but past a state of repair. So we collaborated and whispered together again about suitable reconstruction options.

Coming to an agreement to move his pockets to the ends my bag i was happy to get his internal makeover underway. But only if I would let him befriend my other kept but forgotten sewing companion – an elegant black tape edging.

So we set to work, my sewing machine friend and I to bring my bags desired vision to life…

What a brilliant collaboration….thanks for the vision, friend, we will go on and collaborate again one day.

Jude Woods lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with her husband, Warren.

2 thoughts on “the renovated bag

  1. Leonie

    I love the idea of taking something old and giving it a new purpose. Love that fabric and the idea of putting art supplies in it too!


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