my weekends of laundry

December 1, 2012

My name is Deb Taylor.
I have Laundry Lust.

I seriously am a little bit addicted to the process of doing laundry.
But not just the ordinary labor of getting the dirty to become clean.

Maybe it is the instant gratification of a job well done that gets me high.
I delight in the satisfaction of actually completing a project that I start.

I require the old fashion line strung between two trees.
And buckets of wooden pins. (Some parts of the world call them pegs)

And then of course there is a camera involved along with tripod and remote.
Capturing my two obsessions, laundry and self portraiture all in one moment!

As a Bed and Breakfast owner, my weekend guests always found a familiar comfort
knowing their linens had ~”danced in the wind and kissed by sunshine”~

and oh how we love a crunchy, thirsty towel that has been line dried.

You know who you are.
Maybe you have the same addiction as I do?

Summer hanging on
Pillows fluff before winter
November laundry

Deb Taylor is finding her feet in Merritt Island, Florida these days on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Her passions include photography, vegetarian cooking, red wine sipping, beach combing, driving her sewing machine, bookmaking, art journaling and hosting womens art retreats.

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4 thoughts on “my weekends of laundry

  1. Linda McGrath

    I love how you make washing look & sound amazing Deb. Two wooden ‘pegs’ (yes I’m one of those Australians – we call them that) never looked so enticing! Sounds like you have a lovely place. Love your photography, love that your a vegetarian and love your creative words!!

  2. leonie

    I am a big fan of line-dried sheets myself. Though we dont have a washing line in our wee London back yard, I always take our drying rack out in the summer. I am looking forward to the days when we are back in New Zealand and I have a clothesline strung up in my back yard.

    This post has me filled with longing.

  3. Philippa

    This is gorgeous Deb. I love laundry too but I hate doing it in my tiny flat with no where to dry it! I long for the day when I can dry clothes outside again. I swear sheets and clothes smell sweeter when they’ve been dried by the win and the sun.


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