sometimes silence

February 2, 2013

this week has worn me out. five hours of sleep a night and eighteen hour days are not as ideal as they used to be. three years ago I drank five to seven coffees a day and somehow not sleeping was not an issue. things have changed. instead of going out on friday, I stayed home. television, eating cereal out of the box, dimmed lights, missed calls and ignored messages. it felt good for once. to be home, I mean. the next morning ten hours of sleep did not seem to be enough. I knew the boy stayed out and was probably just sinking into his bed as I put the water to boil for my morning cup of java. it was a strange thought. I wondered whether things would stay like this forever.

but then I realized there was no forever.

we have our newspapers delivered on weekends only. there is a certain special joy of picking up at your front door. the fresh smell of print. sometimes the inside still warm. I found the pages that interest me, reading quietly. feeling the sun come up behind me. and then silence.

just silence. sometimes it’s okay.

sara tomovic. originally from the balkans, currently living in south east asia. discovering and documenting the differences of the west and east in hong kong; hoping to become a full-time writer one day.


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