Simple Sundays

June 29, 2014

The click of the kettle, steaming water unfolding green leaves.
I open the back door, the cats scurry in for breakfast, leaving fleeting damp pawprints on the wooden floor.
I take my mug and my journal outside on the patio. The cats will soon follow me.
This time of year mornings hold a gentle freshness, a soft breeze that sweeps away the last haze of sleepiness.


I miss out on this during the week. From Monday to Friday there are lunch boxes to pack and schedules to keep. But today is Sunday and Sundays are different. Sundays hold space and allow me to shed the layers I put on through the week.


I exhale and sip my tea, open up a blank new page. And I`m me.

159:365 - early morning writing

Elke Sewöster is living in Northern Germany with her husband, their three boys and two cats. She is a book-loving, list-making, Yoga-teaching seeker of life`s simple beauty.

Instagram: elke1403

5 thoughts on “Simple Sundays

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  2. marina sorr.

    “Sundays hold space and allow me to shed the layers I put on through the week.”: these words touch me deeply. what a beautiful post, Elke.

  3. corinna hofer

    your simple sundays sound perfect: time to recover, time to relax and to get in touch with your inner self.


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