august 3, 2014

August 10, 2014

sunday. central turns into little manila. I walk through the crowds; pushing my way through. everyone annoys me – with their slow walking, with their screaming kids, with their incapability of walking in a straight or predictable way. this summer seems to be hotter than any of the others. lately, I feel overwhelmed despite never being the particular type to feel in such a way. I used to be able to keep my head above water, remain cool. I have been losing that ability.

I started working on a different project last month. something I hope will last. something that feels like the right thing. dream job. I’m pushing myself out of my boundaries and comfort zone. it’s difficult sometimes, having to carry enough for both.

life hasn’t been particularly easy. but it has been worth. if only for the weekends we spend together.

sara tomovic. originally from the balkans, currently living in south east asia. discovering and documenting the differences of the west and east in hong kong; hoping to become a full-time writer one day.

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