bearing drizzle and beauty

August 31, 2014

it was drizzly and grey. and quiet. i stepped outside and headed to the garden. i knew there were tomatoes waiting for me. turned out the sunflowers were waiting for me too. one of them had tumbled over in the night, its weight just too much to bear. i cut off the blooms and brought them inside, placed them in a jar of water.

the rain continued to fall. my husband and kids were reading or drawing or something. a saturday morning with nowhere to be but exactly where we were. drizzly and grey. and quiet. i roasted the tomatoes and made photographs of the flowers. i had to catch my breath. because sometimes the beauty is just too much to bear.

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog, the collaborative blog makings of motherhood, and on instagram.

4 thoughts on “bearing drizzle and beauty

  1. jd

    Oh M, this is so beautiful. So, so, so lovely. The kind of lovely that makes me stop and breathe in the goodness of it all. You expressed the soothing, inviting presence of flowers so eloquently. It’s drizzly and grey (though not so quiet) here, and I’m grateful to sit and take in this bit of your weekend…


    P.S. Leonie, oh what a perfect site. So clean, open, and inviting.

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