The Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk Craze

October 25, 2014

It appears Lewis Road Creamery has a hit on their hands. They normally make high-end (expensive, organic, somewhat hipster) butter and milk, and they teamed up with Whittaker’s to make a chocolate milk. It’s got to the point where most stockists sell out within hours. In the time it took me to buy a few bits at my local fruit and veg shop (RAW, the only ones on Waiheke Island who sell it), two people came in to ask if they had any. “No, it comes in on Wednesday” was the reply, tho they should have added “and it’ll be gone on Wednesday”, too.

Stuff had this to say:


A north Waikato milk producer has been churning out Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk as fast as it can make it, but scarce supply has resulted in customers waiting at supermarkets to snap up fresh deliveries.

Lewis Road Creamery’s Angela Weeks said a small team was working around the clock to make as much chocolate milk as it could, going through 3000 kilograms of Whittaker’s five roll refined creamy milk chocolate and 24,000 litres of milk a week.

Havelock North New World owner-operator Richard Lucas said the supermarket received 90 bottles this morning.

The chocolate milk was one of the fastest-selling new products he had seen for a long time.

“It has been a phenomenon,” he said.

The store was selling 300-millilitre bottles for $3.59 and 750ml bottles for $6.29.

The normal price of a bottle of their milk is around $4.50. Non-organic, regular milk is around $2/L. And also:

Security guards have been employed to monitor supermarket fridges containing Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk as customer demand continues to froth over.

Since the chocolate milk went on sale three weeks ago, demand has been so great that customers are queuing up for fresh deliveries, purchase limits have been put in place at supermarkets, and security guards are being employed to watch over fridges containing the chocolate gold.

Being a bit of a choc-o-phile, I thought that it shouldn’t be too hard to make my own. Turns out, it’s not.

I have previous experience making chocolate ganache and truffles, so if you haven’t, just take your time, and remember two things: chocolate melts quickly and at fairly low temperatures, and oil (chocolate/milk fat) and water don’t mix, so keep your equipment as dry as you can. It’s not as important with this recipe as it is when making truffles, but it’s a good habit to get into.

The only downside of this is the cost. The LRC chocolate milk sells for $6.30, but once you add in the cost of the milk (about $4.50) and chocolate ($3.50) you’re already over budget. However, given how hard it is to find it at any price….

What you need to make your own:


  • A 750ml bottle of Lewis Road Creamery non-homogenised milk. This could work with any kind of milk, but go for the maximum fat content that you can find. If you have a friend with a dairy farm, get it off them.
  • 75g of good quality chocolate. I used Green and Blacks 85%, but only because my local supermarket was sold out of Whittaker’s and it was the smallest bar of good quality chocolate I could find. In hindsight, it’s a bit dark and bitter for this, so I’d recommend around 100g of Whittaker’s 60% Dark Chocolate if you prefer your chocolate milk less sweet and more bitter, and maybe a 35-40% milk chocolate if you prefer it a little sweeter.

Thats it. Like the best recipes, it has very few ingredients. By comparison, the “real thing” has 86% milk and 13% chocolate, with a little cocoa powder added. I’m not sure it needs the cocoa powder, but adjust to your own taste.

You’ll also need a whisk and a bain marie, which sounds like a complex piece of kitchen equipment, but it’s just a normal pot, with about 1-2cm of water in the bottom, and a glass or metal bowl sitting in it, above the water. You then put the water on a simmer (not boiling) which gently heats whatever is in the bowl. Pretty easy.



First, break the chocolate up into squares, so it melts quicker. Put it in the bowl over the water, and turn the heat on. If bubbles start forming in the water, you may have the heat up too high – remember, slow is the key for chocolate. The chocolate will slowly start to melt, so move it around a little with the whisk to help it along.


Once all the solid bits of chocolate are melted, add about 50ml of milk and whisk until it’s all mixed together. Keep adding the milk slowly, whisking each time, until you have added all the milk. After about 150ml, you can take it off the heat all together.

Put the resulting mix back into the (cleaned) milk bottle, and put in the fridge.


Drink once it’s chilled, and shake it well first, as the non-homogenised milk will seperate out into chocolate milk and chocolate cream. Not a bad thing. I suspect it’ll not last long.

Afternote: I just tried this with 100g of Whittaker’s 66% Dark, and I can’t tell the difference between that and the “real” thing. Takes all of 10 mins, and cooling time, to make. Makes a great Latte/Flat White too.

Nic Wise lives with his wife, one cat and a garden full of birds on a small island just off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. He can usually be found writing apps for his iPhone, or taking photos on Instagram.

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