three things

October 18, 2014

Three things I like to do on a dark and rainy October weekend:


Sketch those pretty leaves I collected before the sun ran away and left the full harvest moon and thunderclouds in charge.


Eat a pomegranate, the first miraculous one of the season. Feel the boundary between this world and the next grow thin and ephemeral as a raven’s feather. (Wonder….what happened to Persephone when she was middle-aged like me? The stories don’t say.) Let its vibrant-as-a-pulsating-heartbeat-red inspire my next painting.


Look for signs. Let the memory in my bones, of yellow crocus strong enough to burst out through snow and ice, let it remind me that spring will come back around again.

Heather Cox is a painter, poet, and photographer exploring outer landscapes and inner wildernesses in the red rocks of southwest Utah. Follow her inspirations and adventures at or on instagram – heatherlcoxart

5 thoughts on “three things

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  2. Kif

    love this! am enjoying the reds also – thematic for autumn. incredible sketch.

    “feel the boundary between this world and the next grow thin” perfect rainy day musings.


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