the wash

May 17, 2015


Washing and cleaning and walking. Mark Strand and Sean Hayes. Coffee, iced tea.

Conversation and laughter. A sprinkle of dissent between the kids. But moving on.

Card games, silly games. Friends. Bananas and apples and gouda cheese. Not together.

A morning sky that was blue, so blue. The afternoon sky clouding with grey, quiet grey. The trees filling out. The tulips popping forth. The grass freshly mown.

Later the wind blows, rain falls, twinkle lights switch on.

In the dark, there is a wash of yes and so much that’s good. An understanding that there needn’t be more. An embrace. An acknowledgement. Thank you and I’ll see you again soon.

michelle gd is an artist living in northern Virginia.  Using writing and photography as forms of meditation, she explores the connections between the beautiful and messy bits of life.

4 thoughts on “the wash

  1. Vanessa Maxham

    That golden light in your tea is magical!
    I love how you put your words together and always make them sound delicious.
    Lovely to be featured…congratulations!


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