This online space is a collection of stories of the times during our weekends that are lived within the space of our arm’s reach… the places that are the source of our ‘humanness’… the foundations on which the rest of our life is built. The pieces of our life that quietly pass by – no grand adventures, no obviously meaningful exchanges. The moments where chores happen, we take our children to sports practise, we do our grocery shopping, go for a run, attend a weekend event, spend reverent time with our chosen deity, catch up with friends, try something new or stay home and fold the laundry.

The moments we often perceive as everyday / boring / not worth telling about, are very often just the moments that someone else craves… These are the moments that make up our lives… These are weekends, collected.

The dream is for this to be non-exclusive. So if you know someone (or know someone who knows someone!) who would like to submit something, then please spread the word.

There’s a book I read where the author says:

We’re accustomed to not seeing what is so near to us; we do not need to look at things that are at hand, because they are at hand every day. That is what makes home so safe and so appealing, that we do not need to look at it.

We invite you to look; to really notice things that have become familiar, to shine light on the exquisite ordinariness of lives, well-lived.

Please will you join us? See the submit page for details and submission guidelines

With gratitude,
Your curator – Leonie Wise

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  4. Teena Lurlene

    What a wonderful place for the ordinary…the touching…the moments. I would love to participate. My husband has AZD and I created this little spot (Book of Lurlene) as a place to share the little things that inspire me in this journey. I look forward to sharing with this group.


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