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December 31, 2012

Thank you Card, by Jon Ashcroft, on Flickr

Image Credit: Jon Ashcroft / Creative Commons

… to YOU for coming here and sharing in this collaboration, whether you have commented, or just visited.

My gratitude especially to every one of the contributors for making this site possible.

May the coming year be your best one yet.

a weekend away

June 15, 2012

a weekend away
in northern woods
n quiet
to find words
n pictures
to fish out
of my deeps

to make a book

to make me.

+ now i’m
home again
+ the laundry
is piled up
as high as

+ i lay all
my silence down
+ start

rachel awes is a psychologist + art playgroundist + writer + wife + mom + friend who loves listening to the beauty in people.
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