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4 for jan, feb, mar, apr

May 18, 2015

hello everyone,

there’s been some beautiful #weekendscollected images appearing in the instagram feed and i’ve chosen four favourites for each of the months of the year so far.

JAN – adventuring

1 // @circleofpines little adventurer. 2 // @nina_nixon goes adventuring.
3 // @theforagedlife has a microadventure. 4 // @robynpeel spends sunday at the seaside.

FEB – love & friendship

1 // making new friends by @jadescottforeadventure. 2 // sisterly love from @tallsmallgirl.
3 // @ridasj‘s girl and her dada. 4 // mischief from @nina_nixon.

MAR – drink up, dreamers

1 // @xantheb has tea & treats. 2 // @jeaninestewart has afternoon drinks, wishing it was saturday.
3 // @thisenchantedpixie makes coffee. 4 // @circleofpines in a minimal mood.

APR – beautiful simplicity

1 // @akamarpreet‘s father. 2 // @circleofpines daffodils.
3 // @circleofpines magnolia. 4 // @bristolparentingcafe violet and the eggs.

submissions to the website are always openwhat do your MAY weekends look like?

4 for NOV

December 1, 2014

I LOVE seeing things being done and shared using the #weekendscollected tag on instagram and thought I would start sharing four of my favourites each month.

Here’s four from November:


1 // @jeaninestewart: Saturday morning. French toast and Bob Marley on the record player. 2 // @tallsmallgirl goes flying solo. 3 // @circleofpines is out on a ramble with some other adventurers. 4 // @littlegreenshed lingers in bed with a cup of tea and a magazine.

Do you have a recipe or weekend you’d like to share? Visit the submit page for all the details and get writing / creating – we’d love to have you join us.

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4 for OCT

November 10, 2014

I LOVE seeing things being made and shared using the #weekendscollected tag on instagram and thought I would start sharing four of my favourites each month.

Here’s four from October:


1 // @xantheb’s son Cosmo makes bread. 2 // @rachlees89 makes the windfall apple cake that @circleofpines shared the recipe for. 3 // @soulaperture has a man that makes her breakfast on the weekends! 4 // @nina_nixon’s italian hot chocolate.

Do you have a recipe or weekend you’d like to share? Visit the submit page for all the details and get writing / creating – we’d love to have you join us.

On instagram? Tag your photos with #weekendscollected.

three things

October 18, 2014

Three things I like to do on a dark and rainy October weekend:


Sketch those pretty leaves I collected before the sun ran away and left the full harvest moon and thunderclouds in charge.


Eat a pomegranate, the first miraculous one of the season. Feel the boundary between this world and the next grow thin and ephemeral as a raven’s feather. (Wonder….what happened to Persephone when she was middle-aged like me? The stories don’t say.) Let its vibrant-as-a-pulsating-heartbeat-red inspire my next painting.


Look for signs. Let the memory in my bones, of yellow crocus strong enough to burst out through snow and ice, let it remind me that spring will come back around again.

Heather Cox is a painter, poet, and photographer exploring outer landscapes and inner wildernesses in the red rocks of southwest Utah. Follow her inspirations and adventures at or on instagram – heatherlcoxart

scenes from the weekend

September 28, 2014









1 – 2 // getting out into the garden to plant more of the summer crop before the rain begins

3 // i’m trying a new recipe {black tea spring rolls} to take to a friends for lunch tomorrow. i make them today & we have some for lunch, just incase they don’t work out and i need to come up with something else to take for lunch tomorrow! (i don’t, they’re delicious)

4 // the limoncello i bottled a couple of weeks ago is now ready for tasting. it’s delicious too – super lemony and not too sweet. i soaked the lemons for twice what any internet recipe i found said to do and used about half the quantity of sugar that any recipe said to use. like many other times before, i neglected to write the quantities down, so i’ll have to guess at what i did next time i make this!

5 // lunch with friends on the mainland. the spring rolls are a hit and we have chinese steamboat as our main course. i love these little baskets we use to scoop the goodies out of the broth and into our rice bowl

6 // i hope i’m always delighted by the fact that our house is surrounded by trees

7 // i was given this huge oil lantern years ago and i love it, but it’s really difficult to find wick that fits. i found some thick woven cotton a couple of weeks ago and tried it out last night. not sure if it’s going to work, so i’m back on the hunt for some proper wick for it

8 // the grocery stores close early here and the fridge was empty, so it was burgers outside on the deck for dinner. the perfect end to our weekend

leonie wise – curator of weekends collected. beach lover, island dweller.
instagram: leoniewise_

fridays are the best

September 14, 2014


it feels like my weekends truly begin when we are both in the kitchen, winding down from the week and preparing a nice relaxed meal together – Fridays are the best.

everything seems more cozy – we get to enjoy our new home and chat about how our days went and what we want to do over the weekend. The best weekends are when nothing is scheduled.

you’ll often find me enjoying a lazy evening watching a movie with my spouse, our roomie Max the cat curled up at our feet

not thinking about anything much

and we like to make homemade pizza chopping the ingredients and snacking a bit on the mozzarella cheese.

the soundtrack to my weekend is a quiet house with sports games on in the background

i’d rather be curled up in a chair reading a book

than doing laundry

and this weekend, i’ll be watching reruns of Springwatch – I can’t get enough of that show.

and if i could, i would get up early on Sunday and go to the spa for a nice morning in hot baths and the steam room, melting all the knots out before the start of another busy week.

Kif a.k.a Katherine Forster is an urban wanderer – appreciator of detail – lover of messy green spaces and hoarder of downtime. She takes tiny steps, every chance she can get, towards her new career as an urban biophilic entrepreneur.


bearing drizzle and beauty

August 31, 2014

it was drizzly and grey. and quiet. i stepped outside and headed to the garden. i knew there were tomatoes waiting for me. turned out the sunflowers were waiting for me too. one of them had tumbled over in the night, its weight just too much to bear. i cut off the blooms and brought them inside, placed them in a jar of water.

the rain continued to fall. my husband and kids were reading or drawing or something. a saturday morning with nowhere to be but exactly where we were. drizzly and grey. and quiet. i roasted the tomatoes and made photographs of the flowers. i had to catch my breath. because sometimes the beauty is just too much to bear.

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog, the collaborative blog makings of motherhood, and on instagram.

august 3, 2014

August 10, 2014

sunday. central turns into little manila. I walk through the crowds; pushing my way through. everyone annoys me – with their slow walking, with their screaming kids, with their incapability of walking in a straight or predictable way. this summer seems to be hotter than any of the others. lately, I feel overwhelmed despite never being the particular type to feel in such a way. I used to be able to keep my head above water, remain cool. I have been losing that ability.

I started working on a different project last month. something I hope will last. something that feels like the right thing. dream job. I’m pushing myself out of my boundaries and comfort zone. it’s difficult sometimes, having to carry enough for both.

life hasn’t been particularly easy. but it has been worth. if only for the weekends we spend together.

sara tomovic. originally from the balkans, currently living in south east asia. discovering and documenting the differences of the west and east in hong kong; hoping to become a full-time writer one day.

instagram: pereguinn
twitter: pereguinn

friday quote

July 25, 2014

..invite a person to a log cabin in the woods for a weekend. The true personality emerges every time.
― Anne LaBastille, Woodswoman I: Living Alone in the Adirondack Wilderness