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on your way

July 13, 2014


if you slice one green zucchini into rounds, then further slice into quarters and
chop one green chili and
cut the kernels from two grilled ears of corn and
mince four or five cloves of garlic

you’re on your way

in a skillet, heat a tablespoon or two of olive oil and
toss in the garlic and green chili and then
the corn and
green zucchini and

you’re on your way

stir ingredients for one or two minutes and
smell that heavenly garlic
oh, the garlic

you’re on your way

sauté lightly
so that all is slightly crisp
be careful not to overcook and
season with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

you’re on your way

an unassuming dish
to accompany what you like
be it vegan or of the meatier variety
delightful in taste and simplicity

yes, you’re on your way

to enjoying fresh weekend food which
surely can be enjoyed weekday but
for now it’s the weekend
so sink in

you’re on your way

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog and on instagram.

Simple Sundays

June 29, 2014

The click of the kettle, steaming water unfolding green leaves.
I open the back door, the cats scurry in for breakfast, leaving fleeting damp pawprints on the wooden floor.
I take my mug and my journal outside on the patio. The cats will soon follow me.
This time of year mornings hold a gentle freshness, a soft breeze that sweeps away the last haze of sleepiness.


I miss out on this during the week. From Monday to Friday there are lunch boxes to pack and schedules to keep. But today is Sunday and Sundays are different. Sundays hold space and allow me to shed the layers I put on through the week.


I exhale and sip my tea, open up a blank new page. And I`m me.

159:365 - early morning writing

Elke Sewöster is living in Northern Germany with her husband, their three boys and two cats. She is a book-loving, list-making, Yoga-teaching seeker of life`s simple beauty.

Instagram: elke1403

walking and wildlife

June 22, 2014

A weekend of walking and wildlife
Dressing up as Laurie Lee and remembering a simple time in the country
Playing in the long grass and running down hills
Watching the clouds in the sky

Emma Bradshaw lives in the beautiful English Cotswolds and strongly believes that all children should have access to nature. She writes about about family life with three sons, Alfie, Ted and Stanley.

Website: bradshaw & sons
Instagram: @_emmabradshaw

Surprise Saturday

June 8, 2014

Maritime Museum 2

Our challenge through the winter months and to prevent Auckland fever that can sometimes hit, we have devised Surprise Saturday. The Saturday after each pay day – (now UK folks that is fortnightly for me, six years on I cannot imagine how I coped with monthly pay) we take it in turns to arrange a day trip

Adam was first up and was feeling the pressure, when we stepped out into a glorious day he doubted his choice but stuck with his plan. I had my suspicions as to where we were heading, but no, we are driving past the Domain and and into the city.

We haven’t been to the Maritime Museum for years and I have long said it is a favorite of mine. True, it’s the immigration stories rather than the boat ‘stuff’ that mean the most to me…..I wonder why.

Why Leave?
Why leave your home for a little-known land on the other side of the world?

Some were fleeing a difficult life while others were following promises of a better future or seeking adventure.

The question of ‘why’ is as pertinent now as it was then. The people and the stories are real. My own story is easy when you look at the bunks the people slept in for weeks at a time, the time the journey took is incredible when we now just hop on a plane and wish we were closer than 24hours to our family and friends.

This trip I was also engrossed in the navigation details (all my Antarctic reading perhaps) and the new exhibition on Sir Peter Blake,an iconic kiwi who until Saturday I knew very little about.

The highlight of the surprise, as the sun glistened on the water was a journey out onto the waters on the Ted Asbhy.

Ted Ashby is a ketch-rigged deck scow, typical of the fleet of scows that once operated in northern New Zealand waters.

Thank you Maritime Museum but I have no idea what those words mean. To me it was a boat with lots of sails, that looked very flash in the sun.


Time in or on the water is restorative and when you add in a lively crew, the opportunity to help hoist the sails (seven of them) you are onto a winner. The logistics and the ropes fascinated me, mesmerised I almost missed the bungee jumpers as we sailed under the harbor bridge.

We ended our Saturday with this movie to keep to our maritime theme and in a fortnights time it’s my turn to find the surprise.

Katie Quinney Writing about my journey from the UK to New Zealand and all that I’ve got up to since I got here…blogging away in the corner.

Blog: ktandcoffee
Instagram: ktandcoffee


June 2, 2014

delight by Angela Riggs

the sun shines not on us, but in us
the tall grasses wave gently in welcome
meandering paths lead us in new twists and turns
and surprise us with bursts of color

like wildflowers, we raise our faces to the sun
which shines on us, and in us
until there is no ‘person’ and ‘sun’,
but a delicious warm melding of hearts and cores
(the heart of the sun, the core of my being)

and the flowers
and trees
and grasses
revel (delight) (rejoice) in my gentle warmth
as I am delighted by them

angela riggs – My eyes are green, my hair is red, and I freckle. I am a partner, happily in love with my best friend. I am a photographer, trying to capture the stories of my life. I am an optimist, and I believe that my heart can always expand to hold one more. I am an explorer, adventuring through the wild and wonderful Pacific Northwest. I am a teacher, encouraging children to learn and wonder about the world.

Twitter: @angelariggs_
Instagram: @angelariggs_

climb and run again *

May 26, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

it feels like my weekend truly began when we arrived home on satruday afternoon, after staying with a friend friday night as we had missed the last ferry due to a late arriving flight back from the uk

everything seemed more relaxed and the pace of my life slowed down a little

you’ll often find me staying in bed late, reading and drinking coffee until i’m so hungry i have to get up & have something to eat

or thinking about some new project – like making sausages, or picking the rosehips i saw down the road and turning them into jelly

and i like to eat something a little different from my weekday smoothies for breakfast – like poached eggs the heston way, or crispy bacon & avocado sandwiches

the soundtrack to my weekend is the birds singing in the trees outside and the rush of air past their wings as they chase each other around the garden

i’d rather be reading than  doing housework

and this weekend, i’ll be watching nat cheshire’s ‘do not rest’ talk from Semi-Permanent Auckland 2014 on vimeo

and if i could, i would teleport my friends from the uk on a regular basis so there wasn’t such a long time between ‘see you next time’s

* it’s been a while since the last post here and i’m really keen to get this collective project running again. if you, or anyone you know, would like to join me, i’d love to know. leave a comment or send me an email:

there are two different ways you can now contribute:

  1. freestyle as all previous content – send me some text and/or a photo essay, a recipe, a mixtape, a poem etc. along with a short bio and a photo for the contributors page
  2. by completing the sentences as above. you can do just a few of them, or all of them – as you please, or add your own ones to the mix for future contributors

slippers and hardwood floor

February 23, 2013


it is saturday and i grab my camera
know i must take a photograph of
right now.

it is slippers and hardwood floor
and it is so much more.

it is fullness and contentment
it is temporary silence as the children play in the other room
and my husband cleans the workroom.

sunlight begins to move through windows
the day begins to take form.

and so i capture this moment
of silly mismatched slippers
and full heart.

i will return to this moment again and again
i will receive the next when it arrives.

i am here and i am ready
heart open.

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog and on instagram.


February 9, 2013

Where are we going?
Check the map!

The Dark Half
Elf Princess

The Holy Trinity
Lines of Time

Trips End

Andrew lives in Auckland, New Zealand. When not working with clients he can be found running around with his wife and 2 kids or behind a lens taking photos. He runs his business with his wife Kim helping business owners work less and live more, their blog can be found here:

Dinner by Heston

December 16, 2012

Leonie and I work for ourselves, and as such, we don’t get a “work Christmas party”, so we make a point of going somewhere to celebrate the end of the year, especially if we have had a good one.

This year, we joined two foodie friends and went to Dinner by Heston. It’s a fusion of the modern cooking chemistry that Heston Blumenthal is famous for, with some very old recipes and combinations.

I’m a little squeamish around some of the ingredients – offal and sweetbreads especially – and I had to remind myself that if the menu says “veal sweetbreads”, I wasn’t going to be getting liver on a plate – it might be some flavour extracted from that, or as one ingredient complementing others.

I can’t say this is a typical weekend for us, but it was very enjoyable.

Here’s to another great year!

meat fruit at 'Dinner by Heston'

Meat fruit

savoury porridge with frogs legs at 'Dinner by Heston'

Savoury porridge with frogs legs

the table and the main courses at 'Dinner by Heston'

The table and main courses

Slow roasted pineapple and Tipsy pudding at 'Dinner by Heston'

Slow roasted pineapple and Tipsy pudding

Brown bread ice cream at 'Dinner by Heston'

Brown bread ice cream

Liquid nitrogen ice-cream made at the table at 'Dinner by Heston'

Liquid nitrogen ice-cream made at the table

Nic Wise lives in London, but his heart is on the west coast beaches of New Zealand. He can usually be found writing apps for his iPhone, or taking photos on Instagram.

the renovated bag

December 15, 2012

Can’t help myself really…I have these visions of the way things could be and it gives me joy to make things with my hands. I suppose it comes from school holidays as a child spent mastering the art of knitting, crocheting or making Fimo crafts with friends visiting up the street.

Snooping through a second hand shop one day, I discovered an old doctors bag that whispered to me it would love to live again hugging all my collected treasures of art materials I am saving for a weekend I am inspired to create a masterpiece.

We had a thoughtful conversation back and forth about the idea and I finally relented having been reminded that I loved to give new life and direction to things that had lost their way.

You’ll love me – you’ll see …. It said to me.

So I believed and we left together, me protesting that I really wasn’t sure I could do it justice since I was so busy and it saying “you’ll see!”

We lived together a long time till one day a thought came to me that i had renovated a cushion on my couch and perhaps the same person could renovate my new (old) bag… No, not possible for me he said… another acquaintance ? who mentioned he had a colourising business that renovated leather in cars – I wondered if he might be able to bring new life to old? Yes! I’d love to give it a try he said and so off my bag went with a new friend… whispering in his ear!

Quite a conversation they must have had as when they arrived back my bag had been to the spa and look marvelously refreshed! An offer of left over material from a recently renovated couch was also made and accepted, I’m sure part of my bags doing whose old lining was beautiful but past a state of repair. So we collaborated and whispered together again about suitable reconstruction options.

Coming to an agreement to move his pockets to the ends my bag i was happy to get his internal makeover underway. But only if I would let him befriend my other kept but forgotten sewing companion – an elegant black tape edging.

So we set to work, my sewing machine friend and I to bring my bags desired vision to life…

What a brilliant collaboration….thanks for the vision, friend, we will go on and collaborate again one day.

Jude Woods lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with her husband, Warren.