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on your way

July 13, 2014


if you slice one green zucchini into rounds, then further slice into quarters and
chop one green chili and
cut the kernels from two grilled ears of corn and
mince four or five cloves of garlic

you’re on your way

in a skillet, heat a tablespoon or two of olive oil and
toss in the garlic and green chili and then
the corn and
green zucchini and

you’re on your way

stir ingredients for one or two minutes and
smell that heavenly garlic
oh, the garlic

you’re on your way

sauté lightly
so that all is slightly crisp
be careful not to overcook and
season with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

you’re on your way

an unassuming dish
to accompany what you like
be it vegan or of the meatier variety
delightful in taste and simplicity

yes, you’re on your way

to enjoying fresh weekend food which
surely can be enjoyed weekday but
for now it’s the weekend
so sink in

you’re on your way

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog and on instagram.


June 2, 2014

delight by Angela Riggs

the sun shines not on us, but in us
the tall grasses wave gently in welcome
meandering paths lead us in new twists and turns
and surprise us with bursts of color

like wildflowers, we raise our faces to the sun
which shines on us, and in us
until there is no ‘person’ and ‘sun’,
but a delicious warm melding of hearts and cores
(the heart of the sun, the core of my being)

and the flowers
and trees
and grasses
revel (delight) (rejoice) in my gentle warmth
as I am delighted by them

angela riggs – My eyes are green, my hair is red, and I freckle. I am a partner, happily in love with my best friend. I am a photographer, trying to capture the stories of my life. I am an optimist, and I believe that my heart can always expand to hold one more. I am an explorer, adventuring through the wild and wonderful Pacific Northwest. I am a teacher, encouraging children to learn and wonder about the world.

Twitter: @angelariggs_
Instagram: @angelariggs_

slippers and hardwood floor

February 23, 2013


it is saturday and i grab my camera
know i must take a photograph of
right now.

it is slippers and hardwood floor
and it is so much more.

it is fullness and contentment
it is temporary silence as the children play in the other room
and my husband cleans the workroom.

sunlight begins to move through windows
the day begins to take form.

and so i capture this moment
of silly mismatched slippers
and full heart.

i will return to this moment again and again
i will receive the next when it arrives.

i am here and i am ready
heart open.

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog and on instagram.

the school of life

February 16, 2013

poem by leonie wise. copyrighted material


Last Saturday my husband and I went to a one day intensive on Creativity, run by Michael Atavar at The School of Life.

It was a play-filled, hands-on workshop with an interesting and diverse group of people. Amongst other things, we were asked to write a short piece about a game we used to play as children. Later in the day, we were asked to deconstruct it, using craft knifes or by tearing the paper, then to reconstruct it in a random manner without any thought.

My resulting piece was astonishingly poetic. There was very little thought in how these pieces came together. A lot of them were upside-down when I selected them, so I had no idea of the words until they had glue on them and were stuck to the paper. I prefer this version of the writing to the original.

This one simple exercise flipped me upside down. I’ve never done this process before, though I know the cut-up technique has been around for a very long time and was used by William Burroughs to write Naked Lunch.

I will definitely be using it again when I feel creatively stuck.

Have you ever used this process?
How were your results?

leonie wise thinks if she had a superpower it might just be laughter. she is the curator of weekends collected and lives in london, uk with her husband (though she will always call new zealand home). she is rather fond of travelling, reading, pop-up restaurants and a decent cup of espresso.

labouring in love

November 10, 2012

Stylish parties and a gulp of a cocktail
become mittens wish and skating streaks
colourful kites in the park and the giggle of playground’s splash

to the seemingly sudden overwhelm
of tired and clumsy commutes to glass buildings
paper shuffle

and the pause
demands a soft cushion
a book’s page to curl up
and lose oneself
in another’s thoughts.

and another rotation of the earth
and another shift of the year
and I find myself

hands dipped into the root, stroking the green bulb and the soft red tomato

washing windows, stroking paint lovingly across old stone facades and ancient sills bubble and scrape worn from the years of sun and rain, snow and hail and escape seems less a desire
than this work
of creating my home, feathering my nest, labouring in love.

Darlene is grateful for family, the light that casts beauty across shadows, music that lifts emotions, a little house and garden filled with colour and love, friends and inspirations, the beauty of nature, the ocean’s cold spray, the soft barnacle skin of the grey whale and the possibilities that exist in life. She can be found scibbling words and photographing poetry at

most beloved season

October 14, 2012

When the leaves began to fall
and the darkness came earlier
she found herself grounded deeply
within her most beloved season.

Bella Cirovic is a photographer and visual storyteller who lives in the suburbs just outside of NYC.
She shares her stories and photos at her blog, She Told Stories and is the hostess of the 52 Photos Project

Lilliput and a wish list

October 13, 2012

I wish we all were little again.
I wish no one had ever told a lie.
I wish no one would be fat.
I wish there were no illnesses.
I wish pizza was healthy.
I wish we could only be hurt once.
I wish people knew how to love.
I wish we understood other animals..
(imagine having a conversation with a mosquito!)
I wish everything could heal with a kiss.
I wish we only died of old age.
I wish we could see our angels at dawn and dusk.
I wish we could listen to the songs of the Universe.
I wish to be loved like the air that we breath.

what do you wish the most?

Ana Eugénio is a 42 years old retired journalist, a blogger and a hobbyist photographer. She lives in Porto, Portugal with her family and a few cats.

facebook: ana.wonders
etsy: WonderDesign
flickr: earthwonders

one moment

September 29, 2012

One Moment

By Linda Anne McGrath

Life begins, joy exceeds
a heart stops beating
leaving souls to bleed
In one moment.

An infant shoot bursts forth from fertile ground
flowers unfold without a sound
In one moment.

Earth shudders the weight of a slaughtered tree
creatures and birds for their life do flee
In one moment.
Words whispered sacred yet broken
haunted memories of some left unspoken
In one moment

Linda McGrath is a 48 year old mum. She lives in QLD, Australia with her 2 daughters.



September 9, 2012

children asleep
i sit beside my beloved
porching it
with a sweet summer breeze
that cools the air
and melts the heart
there is music
and twinkle lights
that light our way through the evening
light our way to each other
the sanctity of a summer eve

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog and on instagram (@michelle_gd).

a weekend in the new forest that was first named in the domesday book in 1086

July 21, 2012

Not so long ago, I thought I would find The Answers in weighty tombs issued from wise minds of those who knew;
those tweed wearing Dons who use a method of inquiry based on empirical and measureable evidence,
subject to specific principles of reasoning and the systematic observation, measurement,
experimentation, testing, and modification of

But then I asked the chickens
who absent-mindedly clucked and scratched
and there in the straw was an entire world
and the wildflowers danced as if to cheer them on.
And then I stepped into Monet’s painting
as a thousand lily’s winked at me, knowingly.

And I walked through the forest in the late afternoon sun,
and the trees whispered their ancient wisdom to me.
And a lone deer crossed the path ahead,
like a messenger.

Sas lives in England with her bee-keeping techie paramour Ash, and the furs Rex and Badger. She website and tweets too.