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July 6, 2012

there is a cafe i go to often. to hide out. to dive into a book. to work. or simply gaze. this friday morning, i finally noticed the straw canopy heaped on the side of the road. i went to have a peek and saw empty drums of nothing. maybe tomorrow there’ll be something else. i’ll let you know.


how dare i ask what tomorrow is upto. or what his plans are.
who knows what it may end up doing.
monsieur tomorrow, i guess let’s just be strangers after all.

(the english translation of the hindi in image 2 above)

ekta saran is a dreamer, obsessive chai drinker and a street photographer who loves telling a good story. you can find her at


July 1, 2012

Staying in this moment is what it’s about
in this moment there is no doubt
no worries about past mistakes we made
or thoughts of the future to make us afraid
only sure of the moment we’re in
this is the moment our journey can begin

Karen Delaney is a healer, through words and images, who is known for her empathy and her ability to deeply listen. She is a highly sensitive person, which she used to regard as a curse, but understands now is a gift. Currently trying to find her way through Art and Story. Find her on instagram as karendel


June 10, 2012

Searching for a future lost
Mirage shimmering on the horizon

Sometimes cast as open sea
At others a darkened abyss

Opportunity, chance, destiny
Who decides?
Can I?

Should I grip the tiller firm
Or is the current too swift

Is my past an experienced guide
Or only a porter of familiar mistakes

Doubt and conviction trade places
And their dance leads the way

The future is not a point beyond reach
It encompasses all that remains

And the dance not to it’s detriment
But life itself

Damon Maria lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Toying with artistic pursuits in a desperate attempt to keep the rational and rigid at bay.