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the wash

May 17, 2015


Washing and cleaning and walking. Mark Strand and Sean Hayes. Coffee, iced tea.

Conversation and laughter. A sprinkle of dissent between the kids. But moving on.

Card games, silly games. Friends. Bananas and apples and gouda cheese. Not together.

A morning sky that was blue, so blue. The afternoon sky clouding with grey, quiet grey. The trees filling out. The tulips popping forth. The grass freshly mown.

Later the wind blows, rain falls, twinkle lights switch on.

In the dark, there is a wash of yes and so much that’s good. An understanding that there needn’t be more. An embrace. An acknowledgement. Thank you and I’ll see you again soon.

michelle gd is an artist living in northern Virginia.  Using writing and photography as forms of meditation, she explores the connections between the beautiful and messy bits of life.

A Play Date on a Rainy Sunday

December 7, 2014

Weekends are for fun right?

As a kid I used to feel like the weekend went on forever and there were HOURS to fill in whatever way I chose. Yet in the past few years those same 48 hours seem to pass by in a blur of things to do, people to see, communications to catch up on, projects to move forward and work to complete.

I felt that so much of my life seemed to be about outcome and achievement and ticking things off lists that I lost room for play. Of doing things with no care about the outcome or the purpose and just enjoying the activity in the moment. So I’ve consciously decided to add more play to my life and last Sunday three friends joined me for a play date. A day of walking, creating, play doh, coloured pens, stickers, journaling, food, photos, laughter, fun and SO MUCH RAIN!

It rained non-stop for the whole day and we were only joined by committed runners and avid dog walkers as we wandered around Hampstead Heath. Yet as we stomped along with our feet getting more saturated by the minute we laughed at the fact that none of us would have chosen to leave the house if we hadn’t decided to meet up. Our day of play had us out of the house and relishing in the moment. We noticed the way that the rain made the autumn leaves even more vibrant. We sunk into the silence as we let our fingers talk through the play doh. We discussed the various hats we wear in life and how we could bring more joy and happiness to these relationships. We connected to nature, each other and probably most importantly, ourselves. And as we headed home after a warming pub lunch we all had smiles on our faces and knew our cold and wet feet would soon be warm.

Robyn Peel is a coach, mentor, facilitator and general lover of people and life. She wants to help people relish in the simple pleasures that life brings and find joy in living life their way.

Twitter: robynpeel
Instagram: robynpeel

three things

October 18, 2014

Three things I like to do on a dark and rainy October weekend:


Sketch those pretty leaves I collected before the sun ran away and left the full harvest moon and thunderclouds in charge.


Eat a pomegranate, the first miraculous one of the season. Feel the boundary between this world and the next grow thin and ephemeral as a raven’s feather. (Wonder….what happened to Persephone when she was middle-aged like me? The stories don’t say.) Let its vibrant-as-a-pulsating-heartbeat-red inspire my next painting.


Look for signs. Let the memory in my bones, of yellow crocus strong enough to burst out through snow and ice, let it remind me that spring will come back around again.

Heather Cox is a painter, poet, and photographer exploring outer landscapes and inner wildernesses in the red rocks of southwest Utah. Follow her inspirations and adventures at or on instagram – heatherlcoxart

fridays are the best

September 14, 2014


it feels like my weekends truly begin when we are both in the kitchen, winding down from the week and preparing a nice relaxed meal together – Fridays are the best.

everything seems more cozy – we get to enjoy our new home and chat about how our days went and what we want to do over the weekend. The best weekends are when nothing is scheduled.

you’ll often find me enjoying a lazy evening watching a movie with my spouse, our roomie Max the cat curled up at our feet

not thinking about anything much

and we like to make homemade pizza chopping the ingredients and snacking a bit on the mozzarella cheese.

the soundtrack to my weekend is a quiet house with sports games on in the background

i’d rather be curled up in a chair reading a book

than doing laundry

and this weekend, i’ll be watching reruns of Springwatch – I can’t get enough of that show.

and if i could, i would get up early on Sunday and go to the spa for a nice morning in hot baths and the steam room, melting all the knots out before the start of another busy week.

Kif a.k.a Katherine Forster is an urban wanderer – appreciator of detail – lover of messy green spaces and hoarder of downtime. She takes tiny steps, every chance she can get, towards her new career as an urban biophilic entrepreneur.


bearing drizzle and beauty

August 31, 2014

it was drizzly and grey. and quiet. i stepped outside and headed to the garden. i knew there were tomatoes waiting for me. turned out the sunflowers were waiting for me too. one of them had tumbled over in the night, its weight just too much to bear. i cut off the blooms and brought them inside, placed them in a jar of water.

the rain continued to fall. my husband and kids were reading or drawing or something. a saturday morning with nowhere to be but exactly where we were. drizzly and grey. and quiet. i roasted the tomatoes and made photographs of the flowers. i had to catch my breath. because sometimes the beauty is just too much to bear.

michelle gd is a lover of life and a seeker of ways to capture the tiny moments of that life. she can be found at her blog, the collaborative blog makings of motherhood, and on instagram.

august 3, 2014

August 10, 2014

sunday. central turns into little manila. I walk through the crowds; pushing my way through. everyone annoys me – with their slow walking, with their screaming kids, with their incapability of walking in a straight or predictable way. this summer seems to be hotter than any of the others. lately, I feel overwhelmed despite never being the particular type to feel in such a way. I used to be able to keep my head above water, remain cool. I have been losing that ability.

I started working on a different project last month. something I hope will last. something that feels like the right thing. dream job. I’m pushing myself out of my boundaries and comfort zone. it’s difficult sometimes, having to carry enough for both.

life hasn’t been particularly easy. but it has been worth. if only for the weekends we spend together.

sara tomovic. originally from the balkans, currently living in south east asia. discovering and documenting the differences of the west and east in hong kong; hoping to become a full-time writer one day.

instagram: pereguinn
twitter: pereguinn

Music, alcohol, nature and friends

August 3, 2014


Sadly, my big summer event “Fuji Rock Festival” is gone.
It was a beautiful sunny weekend than usual Fuji Rock.
I had really lovely weekend.

I have been this festival for 10 years, spending time there is special for me.
Forget about usual days.
Just feel music from wake up to fall asleep.
Enjoy camping and nature, walking a lot.
Bump to meet friends a lot and Kanpai (cheers) a lot.
Very happy weekend.

There were many great gigs I saw but I want to share one performance for you,
Which was “Nada soso” performance by Japanese band “BEGIN” with a fula dancer “Aureana Tseu”.

Nada soso is very popular song in Japan means “can’t help to shed my tears”.
It’s OKINAWA song so written by OKINAWA dialect. OKINAWA is westernmost city of JAPAN.

I am not special fan of BEGIN but this performance moved me.
Aureana’s fula was a dance that represents the emotion itself.
Tears were falling down before I noticed.
That’s why I love live performance.

I couldn’t take picture of this performance (because I was busy crying, haha),
so this picture was another stage’s one, beautiful sunset.
Can’t wait for next year’s Fuji Rock.

—About Fuji Rock—-
Fuji Rock Festival is the biggest music festival in Japan.
It is held in Naeba Ski Resort, high up in the mountains, very beautiful nature.
And it is famous for the cleanest and safest music festivals in the world.
The festival has a zero rubbish policy. We have to divide into five categories of rubbish, because of being recycled.

Tomoko Niimi works in TOKYO but her heart is on KYOTO ancient city of JAPAN.
Romanticist, loves music, movie, cats and dogs, alcohol and delicious food.

Follow Tomoko on instagram: niinii212


July 6, 2014


Vivian Schwartfeger is husband to Kerry and father to Jordan, Isabelle and Abigail. His passions include the Bible, photography and spending time talking with friends and family.

Simple Sundays

June 29, 2014

The click of the kettle, steaming water unfolding green leaves.
I open the back door, the cats scurry in for breakfast, leaving fleeting damp pawprints on the wooden floor.
I take my mug and my journal outside on the patio. The cats will soon follow me.
This time of year mornings hold a gentle freshness, a soft breeze that sweeps away the last haze of sleepiness.


I miss out on this during the week. From Monday to Friday there are lunch boxes to pack and schedules to keep. But today is Sunday and Sundays are different. Sundays hold space and allow me to shed the layers I put on through the week.


I exhale and sip my tea, open up a blank new page. And I`m me.

159:365 - early morning writing

Elke Sewöster is living in Northern Germany with her husband, their three boys and two cats. She is a book-loving, list-making, Yoga-teaching seeker of life`s simple beauty.

Instagram: elke1403

walking and wildlife

June 22, 2014

A weekend of walking and wildlife
Dressing up as Laurie Lee and remembering a simple time in the country
Playing in the long grass and running down hills
Watching the clouds in the sky

Emma Bradshaw lives in the beautiful English Cotswolds and strongly believes that all children should have access to nature. She writes about about family life with three sons, Alfie, Ted and Stanley.

Website: bradshaw & sons
Instagram: @_emmabradshaw