how to submit

Please send your submission to me via email. I will be in contact with you when your submission has been scheduled and include the posting date and URL.


Submissions can be anything from a single photo and/or some text, to a recipe that someone made, a photo essay, a poem, a list, some art, a finger painting one of the kids did, the wisdom of a new craft, a playlist, a video link etc.etc. If it was possible, I’d also happily accept sounds captured in jars, and the smell of your morning coffee/tea :)

If you can’t think of anything to write about, or you’d like some starting points, you can simply complete some (or all) of the following…

it feels like my weekend has truly begun when

everything seems more

you’ll often find me

or thinking about

and i like to eat

the soundtrack to my weekend is

i’d rather be than 

and this weekend, i’ll be watching

and if i could, i would

{feel free to send me other suggestions if you have a sentence you’re fond of, or want to share}


  • This site is about weekends. Please make sure your submission relates to weekend activities in some way – even if it’s just that what you wrote/photographed/listened to took place on one.
  • Photos for your piece to be 800px wide please. If you send them larger they will be re-sized to fit. Smaller images will either be placed to fit within the text, or not used.
  • If you want your post to be in a gallery format (like this), please say so when you send your images through.
  • Words. From 0 to 1000 is a lovely amount
  • Tell us about YOU…
    1. Please send a photo of yourself (200px wide) to go with your submission. This will be processed to match the other images on the contributors page
    2. Include a short bio (2-3 sentences).
    3. And any links you would like promoted such as your shop, e-courses, other collaborations, online home (if you have one) etc.

* Because there will be people of all ages, races and religious beliefs contributing here, please keep your language respectful and your images suitable.

6 thoughts on “submit

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  3. Kif

    Hi Leonie!

    What a great project – beautiful collection! I forget how I stumbled upon this page (and I wish I had been here sooner) but it’s a joy to be here. Such a relaxed, lovely, joyful space. I feel like it’s the weekend already! (am excited about the idea of submitting something – will do this fall).

    Thanks to you and your contributors for brightening my day!

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