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saturday night

May 12, 2012

saturday night, by andrea jenkins

saturday night= hoodies and sweaters over pajamas, the pull of the super moon. we are a people who love super sized things. the shuffling down to the street corner, the looking, the waiting, the cursing of clouds. the super moon finally rising, bathing us in super moonlight.

the shuffling back to the house, the arguing over which movie to watch, to microwave popcorn or not to microwave popcorn, the crowding that happens on the big green couch, the tangle of blankets and legs, lights off, all lights off, the glow and flicker of the television screen, the glow of the super moon outside.

these are the kinds of things I want to remember.

Andrea Jenkins is: one part photographer, one part writer, one part teacher, one part (modern) dancer, one hundred parts mama. kidding about that last part. well, not really. She lives in portland, oregon with her spectacularly bearded husband and two extraordinary children in a small house filled with too many collections and probably too many legos.

find her: writing as hula seventy, contributing over at poppytalk and/or shutter sisters and on the pages of UPPERCASE magazine, where she’s a regular/core contributor.
other places: flickr, twitter, pinterest, instagram.
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