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conservatory curtains

May 27, 2012

I’ve always had a job that was a Monday to Friday, 9-5 affair – so combined with an education based on the same timetable, I’ve been ‘looking forward to the weekend’ for my whole remembered life!

The weekends become beacons to steer you through each year. Sometimes they’ll be big momentous ones, or low-key, pottering around ones – both are amazing and would be sorely missed if taken away.

Last weekend was a quiet, family-based – we visited my in-laws who are so, so lovely. Their home is full of treasures old and new, including my husband’s old childhood teddy!

This Polaroid shot of their conservatory curtains is one of my best-selling prints, ever. They find it hard to believe that something so everyday to them is hung, in pride of place in homes across the globe.

Angie Muldowney is crazy about photography. Based on the south coast of England; when she’s not out with her camera she can be found writing, drinking coffee or procrastinating.