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a different sort of weekend

August 12, 2012

When we lived in the city, weekends were for slowing down time. They were for taking a long leisurely walk with my husband to our favorite Italian Cafe, ordering my favorite Napoli biscotti and an espresso con panna (with whipped cream). Coffee would be drank slowly, biscotti nibbled on amidst small talk about big dreams. Often the conversation would lapse into comfortable silence as we watched the people on the street outside enjoying their own weekends in their own way.

Now that we have moved to the country and life is always at a slower pace, weekends seem to be for speeding up. We sand boards for picnic tables, visit friends, run errands and pull weeds in the gardens. We are productive and it feels good. We check things off our to-do list with enthusiasm.

It’s a different sort of weekend, and enjoyable for different reasons. But sometimes I still miss the slowness of our favorite café, of sipping my espresso so slowly that the whipped cream is all melted away before I’m done, so the last sip is the most bitter and also the best.

Ashley Moore lives in a small town in Northern Canada with her husband, Michael and their cat. She loves film photography, writing, dreaming, and finding pleasures in the little moments of the day.

You can find her photography on her website as well as the blog she and her husband share about their adventures in moving.