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labouring in love

November 10, 2012

Stylish parties and a gulp of a cocktail
become mittens wish and skating streaks
colourful kites in the park and the giggle of playground’s splash

to the seemingly sudden overwhelm
of tired and clumsy commutes to glass buildings
paper shuffle

and the pause
demands a soft cushion
a book’s page to curl up
and lose oneself
in another’s thoughts.

and another rotation of the earth
and another shift of the year
and I find myself

hands dipped into the root, stroking the green bulb and the soft red tomato

washing windows, stroking paint lovingly across old stone facades and ancient sills bubble and scrape worn from the years of sun and rain, snow and hail and escape seems less a desire
than this work
of creating my home, feathering my nest, labouring in love.

Darlene is grateful for family, the light that casts beauty across shadows, music that lifts emotions, a little house and garden filled with colour and love, friends and inspirations, the beauty of nature, the ocean’s cold spray, the soft barnacle skin of the grey whale and the possibilities that exist in life. She can be found scibbling words and photographing poetry at www.hippyurbangirl.com