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August 5, 2012

Weekends, they mean everything to me
Monday to Friday can’t go quickly enough
I know, I wish my life away… and shouldn’t
but, weekends, holidays to the seaside, annual trips back home to my family in Australia
that’s what I live (and work) for
one day, we’ll live by the sea
when finally, we can relax and do all those things we want to do with our time, instead of wishing it away
until then, weekends will come and I will bake, take photographs; and we will walk and relax…
until Monday comes around again.

My name is Debby and I was born by the sea in Cornwall, grew up by the sea in Australia, and now find myself land-locked in London!
We are planning that move back to the coast, where our hearts belong.

Instagram: www.instagrid.me/debby_slater
Flickr: www.flickrcom/photos/purpledeebee