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winter weekend

June 17, 2012

Yesterday was fine, cold as charity though. Working bee at Bellbird Corner, my hands were frozen by the time I’d finished mowing the grass. Winter’s really here. The trees and shrubs we planted a month ago are looking good, although some rain to refresh the soil moisture wouldn’t go amiss. A rabbit or hare’s browsed one of them down to the ground, I’ll have to replant.

We woke this morning to the sound of light rain, there wasn’t any sign of it on the radar last night, beauty, just what the plants needed.

Made breakfast to the sound of King Parrots whistling in the ash tree next door, a look through the window put the count at fourteen, mainly immature birds and wet as shags. Quick trip outside into the drizzle to put some seed on the feeding table, they could probably do with a good feed on a day like this. Would you believe they’re not the slightest bit interested, quite happy with the few seeds still clinging to the ash.

Hello, got some customers, white cockatoo and a couple of lorikeets. Funny, no aggro either, they’re quite relaxed feeding together, must have declared a truce in their hour of need. The loris are absolutely sodden but the cockie looks pretty neat apart from a couple of loose feathers.

Better put the camera on the tripod, light’s poor and the shutter speed won’t really be fast enough for the long lens. Half a dozen shots and they’re away, something’s spooked them. Hopefully I’ll get a good sharp one, not easy when they’re picking up the seed and munching, we’ll see what they look like on the computer monitor.

Duncan Fraser, old-timer from Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, interested in all things to do with the natural world, nature blogger, photographer.
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