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fridays are the best

September 14, 2014


it feels like my weekends truly begin when we are both in the kitchen, winding down from the week and preparing a nice relaxed meal together – Fridays are the best.

everything seems more cozy – we get to enjoy our new home and chat about how our days went and what we want to do over the weekend. The best weekends are when nothing is scheduled.

you’ll often find me enjoying a lazy evening watching a movie with my spouse, our roomie Max the cat curled up at our feet

not thinking about anything much

and we like to make homemade pizza chopping the ingredients and snacking a bit on the mozzarella cheese.

the soundtrack to my weekend is a quiet house with sports games on in the background

i’d rather be curled up in a chair reading a book

than doing laundry

and this weekend, i’ll be watching reruns of Springwatch – I can’t get enough of that show.

and if i could, i would get up early on Sunday and go to the spa for a nice morning in hot baths and the steam room, melting all the knots out before the start of another busy week.

Kif a.k.a Katherine Forster is an urban wanderer – appreciator of detail – lover of messy green spaces and hoarder of downtime. She takes tiny steps, every chance she can get, towards her new career as an urban biophilic entrepreneur.

Blog: flourishinggrace.ca