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on slowing down

October 20, 2012

Until we moved to Los Angeles, Saturday was a work day for me, and a busy one. Once landed and until I decided to retire as an acupuncturist last November, Saturday was a day for me to study. (There is no reciprocity for licensed professionals in this state, which at the time seemed unjust, but now in hindsight was a blessing.)

Very recently, I stopped fighting what my life is by comparing it to what it once was, and I’ve allowed acceptance and gratefulness to become my nucleus for the abundance that my life affords.

Currently, my weekend circles around family life; helping my daughter navigate her middle school obligations, and shuttling her around town. We tidy the house and we do laundry. There’s a lot of lounging around that looks like listening to music for my husband and reading for me, the girl as well if she’s around.

And because my mister is a good egg and recognizes that being home with our kid is my work, there’s time every weekend, for me to navigate my world. I choose to explore the vast sprawl of Los Angeles, the perfect backdrop and soundtrack for me when I’m not a wife or a mama and I can be, Kristen.

Kristen Perman is a California based photographer inspired by the urban suburban setting and lifestyle.

Website: kristenperman.com
Twitter: twitter.com/acukiki