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seeking fall

December 2, 2012

Indian summers in California leave me parched, craving autumn red and rain and soup. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join my husband on his monthly work trip to Vancouver and stay the weekend. It was only the second time since our daughter was born 16 years ago that we have travelled alone-together on a plane.

Earth, sky, holding hands: this is the stuff I live for. I walked for hours in my well worn travel boots. Every part of me was sated with the coolness, the color, the respite of autumn in BC.

And the beautiful bonus of a day trip to Lost Lake in Whistler? With the camaraderie of dear Maddy who filled something I didn’t know needed filling? Beyond.

Away and together, with maple and roasting chestnuts, plenty of coffee and the welcomed wearing of coats, just may become an annual fall tradition.

Lisa Field-Elliot is known to write, to take photos, and to spend as much time as possible on the trail. A mother, a wife, a finder and a seeker, Lisa shares her experience, in words and images, at doorwaystraveler.com