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remembering our fathers

August 26, 2012

A day at the coast
In remembrance of our fathers
A forecast of poor weather
Gloriously wrong

A day to remember
My father-in-law Archie
A gentle man of uncommon integrity
A hard-working and talented engineer
Who passed suddenly

A day to remember
My father Ken
A generous man in failing health
A skilled draughtsman and gifted woodworker
Who passed too soon

We miss their love and support
We miss their smiles and gentle humour
We hope they are in a better place
Enjoying a beer together

We flew a kite
It bucked and fluttered proudly
Forever on the verge of being plucked away
Even while it stood guard over us

We remembered our fathers
It was a good day…

Martin is husband to Karen and father to Robert. They live in a small town an hour or so north of London, England. They have three cats who should really be called Bicker, Squabble and Fight. Martin likes: stark landscapes, dramatic sunsets, travelling abroad, and coming home.