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fresh air

September 23, 2012

You couldn’t have asked for better weather this weekend!

These are the kind of days that you can’t wait to get outside! The kind of days that you appreciate because there were no games scheduled and we could move at our own pace! Grabbing the dogs leashes we headed out for a  walk.

The leaves are so pretty as the new Fall colors begin to make their appearance.

Even the dogs are smiling in the picture! Their names are perfect for this time of year – Puddles, which we are glad that we don’t have to sidestep any today, and Sunshine!

While everything couldn’t be perfect, like when the dogs got loose and ran through a creek, it was good to get some fresh air!

Robyn Greenhouse lives with her 3 boys, 2 dogs and 1 husband. She shares her stories on her blog, Adventures in Laughter.