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A Play Date on a Rainy Sunday

December 7, 2014

Weekends are for fun right?

As a kid I used to feel like the weekend went on forever and there were HOURS to fill in whatever way I chose. Yet in the past few years those same 48 hours seem to pass by in a blur of things to do, people to see, communications to catch up on, projects to move forward and work to complete.

I felt that so much of my life seemed to be about outcome and achievement and ticking things off lists that I lost room for play. Of doing things with no care about the outcome or the purpose and just enjoying the activity in the moment. So I’ve consciously decided to add more play to my life and last Sunday three friends joined me for a play date. A day of walking, creating, play doh, coloured pens, stickers, journaling, food, photos, laughter, fun and SO MUCH RAIN!

It rained non-stop for the whole day and we were only joined by committed runners and avid dog walkers as we wandered around Hampstead Heath. Yet as we stomped along with our feet getting more saturated by the minute we laughed at the fact that none of us would have chosen to leave the house if we hadn’t decided to meet up. Our day of play had us out of the house and relishing in the moment. We noticed the way that the rain made the autumn leaves even more vibrant. We sunk into the silence as we let our fingers talk through the play doh. We discussed the various hats we wear in life and how we could bring more joy and happiness to these relationships. We connected to nature, each other and probably most importantly, ourselves. And as we headed home after a warming pub lunch we all had smiles on our faces and knew our cold and wet feet would soon be warm.

Robyn Peel is a coach, mentor, facilitator and general lover of people and life. She wants to help people relish in the simple pleasures that life brings and find joy in living life their way.

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