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The real rhythm

June 14, 2014


If I could, I would unweave the hours and unmake the idea of weeks or weekends. I would throw away the clocks so that we had to consider instead sun rising and dark rising and heart beating to guide our lives. Of course, it can not be done. And we would just weave other ways to tighten the days and keep everything nicely on track, calculated to within an inch of the hour.

But the dream of rambling just a little wild through life, and the yearning to synchronise our doings to the pulse of earth-time, simple sky-time, is one I can not let go. Perhaps it is the same for many of us, and that’s why we love our weekends. They used to be sacred family time, just-being time. Now they bristle with shopping opportunities. But give a free weekend to someone and they will, using it, show you what is most important to them. And they will reveal the real rhythm of their soul.

Sarah Elwell is a writer living on the edge of the world. She spends most of her days on one shoreline or another, watching dreams unfurl. Her most recent book, Driftways, is a collection of stories and photographs and is available here: knittingthewind.blogspot.com