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a weekend in the new forest that was first named in the domesday book in 1086

July 21, 2012

Not so long ago, I thought I would find The Answers in weighty tombs issued from wise minds of those who knew;
those tweed wearing Dons who use a method of inquiry based on empirical and measureable evidence,
subject to specific principles of reasoning and the systematic observation, measurement,
experimentation, testing, and modification of

But then I asked the chickens
who absent-mindedly clucked and scratched
and there in the straw was an entire world
and the wildflowers danced as if to cheer them on.
And then I stepped into Monet’s painting
as a thousand lily’s winked at me, knowingly.

And I walked through the forest in the late afternoon sun,
and the trees whispered their ancient wisdom to me.
And a lone deer crossed the path ahead,
like a messenger.

Sas lives in England with her bee-keeping techie paramour Ash, and the furs Rex and Badger. She website and tweets too.