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Music, alcohol, nature and friends

August 3, 2014


Sadly, my big summer event “Fuji Rock Festival” is gone.
It was a beautiful sunny weekend than usual Fuji Rock.
I had really lovely weekend.

I have been this festival for 10 years, spending time there is special for me.
Forget about usual days.
Just feel music from wake up to fall asleep.
Enjoy camping and nature, walking a lot.
Bump to meet friends a lot and Kanpai (cheers) a lot.
Very happy weekend.

There were many great gigs I saw but I want to share one performance for you,
Which was “Nada soso” performance by Japanese band “BEGIN” with a fula dancer “Aureana Tseu”.

Nada soso is very popular song in Japan means “can’t help to shed my tears”.
It’s OKINAWA song so written by OKINAWA dialect. OKINAWA is westernmost city of JAPAN.

I am not special fan of BEGIN but this performance moved me.
Aureana’s fula was a dance that represents the emotion itself.
Tears were falling down before I noticed.
That’s why I love live performance.

I couldn’t take picture of this performance (because I was busy crying, haha),
so this picture was another stage’s one, beautiful sunset.
Can’t wait for next year’s Fuji Rock.

—About Fuji Rock—-
Fuji Rock Festival is the biggest music festival in Japan.
It is held in Naeba Ski Resort, high up in the mountains, very beautiful nature.
And it is famous for the cleanest and safest music festivals in the world.
The festival has a zero rubbish policy. We have to divide into five categories of rubbish, because of being recycled.

Tomoko Niimi works in TOKYO but her heart is on KYOTO ancient city of JAPAN.
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